Leveling the Playing Field

It might not be obvious, but the dog on the right, Sadie, only has three legs. This, however, does not prevent her from playing wholeheartedly with her sister, Summer, as you can see from the photo above and the “tug of war” photo below.

Laura, their mom, first adopted Summer two years ago and then started to look for a companion for her. She found the perfect one in Sadie, who had been in a “kill” shelter. One of the volunteers there fell in love with her and brought her home but couldn’t keep her. Laura, and then Summer, fell in love with her too, and now the two girls are best friends.

They are happiest when playing together. And when they come in from the back yard, they wait for each other before charging into the house at the same time. Sibling rivalry only seems to exist when they both want the same toy. As every dog owner knows, it doesn’t matter how many toys you have, or even if you have two of the same toy: if one dog has it, that is the only one the other dog wants.
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