Two Beautiful Highland Lynx Cats

I love cats. And I love photographing cats. But anyone who photographs cats, professionally or otherwise, knows that cats don’t always like to be photographed (or, in general, do what you’d like them to do when you’d like them to do it, but that’s another blog post). Bob and Louie, these two strikingly beautiful Highland Lynx cats, were the exception. Not only stunning looking, but they also were very cooperative (I’m hoping their mom will let them give my three cats some lessons). They basically stayed where their mom put them and and even let me reposition their  paws.

Both Bob and Louie are polydactyl (some Highland Lynx are polydactyl, while others have regular paws), and I definitely wanted to make sure I emphasized their paws in some of the photos as they are huge and a true part of what makes them so unique looking.  They were a lot of fun to photograph, and I know they enjoyed their session with me too, because their mom gave them a lot of treats. Their mom, Lydia, told me that Bob likes to pose for the camera, and I think Louie did a great job, too!

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