Cuteness Alert—Redbone Coonhound Puppy Photos

I first met Christie and her husband at an event at DogGone Natural in June 2014. They won the drawing for a pet photo session, and I photographed their two Chihuahuas, Sonny and BG, two Basset Hounds, Sadie (who very sadly passed away in December) and Gibbs, and two cats, Huly and Nala. So after that session, the one with Scarlet, their new Redbone Coonhound puppy was a piece of cake!

Christie told me that Scarlet loves water, saying “If you have a pool, be prepared for a belly flop.” We have a very small water feature, about the size of a hot tub, which has a waterfall emptying into it. We took her over to it to explore (after I’d captured photos of her dry). She was fascinated watching the water spill into the pool, standing on the edge and looking into the water. And then she slipped, falling in face first (she was on a leash and her mom was right there so her safety was never an issue). I think Christie’s favorite photos from the session are the before and after images, shown above. After that, Scarlet kept her distance, deciding instead to stay on dry land and chew on a bone her mom had brought for her.

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