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Mia is a 6-year-old Greyhound. She raced as “Fleetwood Mac” in West Palm Beach for two years and won many races. She is pictured on her beautiful property in western Loudoun.

My goal with “Tails of Loudoun County” is to raise $25,000 for animals in need in Loudoun County by creating and publishing a beautiful, limited edition coffee table book. The book will have photos and tell the tales of some of the amazing “tails” who live in Loudoun, as well as showcase our stunning and historic county! I will be photographing pets—dogs, cats, lizards, any animal with a tail—in historic, iconic and scenic locations throughout Loudoun. Book sessions are sold out, but you can still help. Buy a book or contact me about becoming a book sponsor. Half of the book proceeds and *all* sponsorship dollars raised go to either Friends of Loudoun County Animal Services or the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition.

Caesar, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, photographed on the W & OD Trail in Hamilton. Caesar is a retired IPO 1 Regional Champion and three-time IPO 3 dog.

FLCAS is a nonprofit dedicated to providing additional funds for the animals of Loudoun County Animal Services. The shelter’s budget, provided by the county, allows for basic medical treatment. Money raised by FLCAS allows the shelter to provide higher-level care, such as heartworm treatment, dental extractions, or tumor removal.

LCCC is a nonprofit focused on saving the lives of community cats (often feral) who live in and around our neighborhoods. LCCC spays/neuters them, vaccinates them, and provides needed medical attention before returning them to the community. This reduces animal suffering and decreases pet overpopulation (therefore reducing the number of cats who need to be euthanized).

Tales of Success: How Your Dollars Help

Kitten photo, Loudoun County Cat Photographer, Ellen Zangla Photography

In Summer 2018, four kittens and their mom were found living under a van in Purcellville. All five of them were brought to the vet; through the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition (LCCC), they received the medical attention they needed. The mom was spayed and released back into the community (she is feral), and the kittens were kept together as a litter in foster care. The kittens were socialized so that they would be easier to adopt, as well as treated for a bacterial infection that could have killed them. This story is a very personal one to me, because we adopted two of those kittens in the fall. They are sweet, fun and incredibly affectionate—even thinking that they could have been feral cats makes me sad. My family will forever be grateful to LCCC for saving them, one of the reasons I chose them as one of the beneficiaries of Tails of Loudoun County. 


Great Dane/$5,000 Level

Bulldog/$1,000 Level

Corgi/$500 Level

Chihuahua/$250 Level