The Beauty of Winter Pet Photos

I often get asked what is the best time of year for photos. I truly think each season has its own beauty and love photographing pets outside during all times of the year. Many people shy away from winter, but there are a lot of opportunities beyond pictures in the snow (although those are awesome, too).

Let it snow!

Snow photos are always fun, as many dogs love to play in the snow, and it’s a good opportunity to capture a lot of fun, joyful moments.

Puppy photo, Dog pictures, Loudoun County, Dog Photographer
Outdoor dog photo, Ellen Zangla Photography, Loudoun County, Dog photographer
Outdoor dog pictures, Dog photographer, Ellen Zangla Photography, Loudoun County

Stonework and evergreens

Stonework and evergreen trees, shrubs and plants, such as spruces, pines and one of my favorite plants, Sedum Angelina, (which you can see at the feet of the family of six below) look good year-round.

Ellen Zangla Photography, Dog Photographer, Loudoun County, Goldendoodle Photo
Cavachon photo, Dog photographer, Ellen Zangla Photography, Loudoun County
Dog Photographer, Family Photography, Ellen Zangla Photography, Loudoun County

Amber fields of grain

And I absolutely love the way my fields look in the winter, amber and slightly wispy. I think they make a great backdrop for photographing dogs. It is a very different look from the typical green seen in many outdoor photos, and I find it to be very striking!

Dog pictures, Dog photographer, Ellen Zangla Photography, Loudoun County
Puppy photo, Dog Photographer, Ellen Zangla Photography, Loudoun County
Outdoor dog photography, Ellen Zangla Photography, Professional dog pictures, Loudoun County
Dog Photographer, Loudoun County, Ellen Zangla Photography, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle

All of these photos were taken at my exclusive outdoor photography area, which is located at my home in Loudoun County, VA. I love to garden and create plantings in my yard specifically with photography in mind. I buy old trucks for the same reason!! :)

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